Pro Wash Prepaid Cards, All Major Credit Cards, Cash & Quarters
     *Change machines are available at each site

Wash Selections

Pre Soak: 

      The wash begins with a highly concentrated soap delivered at a 
      low pressure. When washing be sure to coat entire vehicle, applying 
      Pre-Soak from the bottom up.

Foam brush:

      Rinse cars 1st then use brush.


       Next, a mixture of soap and high pressure hot soft water is applied.


      Then a cold soft water, high pressure rinse for removing dirt and 
      excess soap.


       Followed by a mixture of polish and high pressure warm soft water.

Spot Free Rinse: 

      This final step is a low pressure Spot Free Rinse that will leave  
      your car without water spots, when properly applied. Spot Free Rinse is    
      our softened demineralization rinse that will dry leaving your vehicle free of 
      water spots. Drive it dry with our Spot Free Rinse.

Our Self-Serve wash bays allow you to clean your vehicle with 5 different options and with credit card terminals in each bay you can wash at your own convenience.

Self Serve

Our totally touchless wash will clean your car without brushes or scrubbing in only a matter of minutes, using always fresh, never recycled water.

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