Pro Wash Prepaid Cards, All Major Credit Cards and Cash & Tokens  
      *Cash is accepted in $1,$5,$10 *Change is given in $.25
      *No change is given for tokens

Wash Selections

Deluxe Wash  $5.00 

      For moderately dirty vehicles. Includes 2 high pressure cycles. 

Deluxe Wash & Polish  $6.00

    For moderately dirty vehicles. Includes 2 high pressure cycles and application of protective

Premium Wash  $6.50  

    For vehicles with excess bugs. Includes 3 high pressure cycles, no polish

Ultra Wash  $7.00  

     For extremely dirty, road film covered, or bug laden vehicles. Includes double pre-soak, 3 high pressure cycles, and polish.

Each wash includes under carriage spray and Spot Free Rinse, using always fresh, never recycled water!​

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Our auto wash allows our customers to receive a quality car wash with in a short period of time without leaving their vehicles. Stay inside & Stay Dry!
Average length of wash time is less than 3 minutes!